Matt Is not just an artist, designer, and Director. He started construction on his very own 25,000 sq ft indoor paintball arena named OBNOXIOUS PAINTBALL in North Bellmore, NY (Long Island) in 2008 after leaving Corporate America as a Creative Director. This was a project he conceptualized from just an idea with some friends to full completion, permits, dealing with the Town, and Grand Opening in January 2010. Matt designed the entire inside of the building from the walls to the colors to the overall layout and flow. What was a 24 year abandoned eye sore on the community become one of the nicest properties on the block. He also built the entire inside with his own construction crew of friends and family. The only people we hired were local-only electricians, plumbers, and security/fire engineer. The indoor arena was the largest on the East Coast and state of the art with heat and AC. Matt was also the very first person to conceptualize and implement 8' x 4' clear 1/2" acrylic windows lining the field allowing everyone to watch and enjoy the action on the field paint free and completely safe - an industry first! We also replaced ALL the glass windows with the same 1/2" acrylic. This system is now used by many indoor fields throughout the world! Pioneered by Matt amongst many other firsts that many indoor and outdoor paintball fields use as standards now.

Matt also ran 5 Obnoxious Paintball Factory Teams comprised of over 50 players both men and women ages 15 - 45. All our Divisions teams were award winning and indusrty first for any organization winning multiple first place trophies and many 2nd and 3rd. These teams traveled across the country playing in the NPPL and PSP Professional leagues and local tournaments. They played in Vegas in the parking lot of the now closed Riviera Casino to the beaches of Huntington Beach where they played on the actual sand. The name Obnoxious quickly grew in the industry.

While Matt was running his indoor field he made decision to open an outdoor field as well in 2011. He also succeeded there opening with a partner a 30 acre outdoor paintball and airsoft fields. Including the only 2 regulation professional tournament fields on Long Island. The fields also featured outdoor woodsball and military style training. This 30 acre paintballl field is still open and taken over by Cousins Paintball still in the exact location of Calverton, NY. Please take a moment to check out the entire building process from gutted warehouse to the beautiful arena Matt dreamt of.


While Matt was building Obnoxious Paintball he and his partner at the time also opened OBNOXIOUS KUSTOMS, Inc. the parent company to paintball in 2007. Obnoxious Kustoms, Inc is an S-Corp formed in 2004 and was a custom car shop specializing in making customers automotive dreams come true. Cars have always been a passion of Matt and this was another dream to open his own custom shop. We were no ordinary shop either with equipment most shops only dream of, including a CNC machine to manufacture our own parts and make anything we could dream of out of sheet metal to make our customers truly stand out. We also had a full rotisserie to do frame-off restorations. Kustoms was also just an idea my partner and I had for a long time and the opportunity opened up with the same company leasing us the 25,000 sq ft building also has 5,000 sq ft empty building on the same block which was a dead end street and we were the last building there in North Bellmore, NY making it perfect for a custom car shop. Our specialities were custom air ride suspensions, metal fabrication, welding, custom stereo systems, restorations to classic cars, body work & paint, custom wiring, and more. Here are a few images from start to finish with our many machines!